COMMUNITY 〇 Amsterdam House Dance Community – Summer Classes


Every Thursday in July & August

19:00 – 22:00
€15,- per class


4, 11 & 18 juli 2024 | CLASSES WITH SASKIA
25 juli, 1 & 8 augustus 2024 | CLASSES WITH IVANA & NOELLE
15, 22 & 29 augustus 2024 | CLASSES WITH PATRICIE

MOVEMENT with Ivana & Noelle

Donderdag 25 juli 2024
19:00 – 22:00 (2 hrs class + 1 hr guided movement exploration)
With Ivana

This workshop focuses on understanding the different movement qualities—tensile, elastic, and stiff and how to use them to physically prepare your body for floor work. The aim is to help you create a sustainable, self-sufficient practice backed by theoretical insights, including handouts. We will begin with an introduction to the three key movement qualities, discussing their importance in enhancing strength and mobility for effective floor work. The first hour will include targeted conditioning exercises for arms, legs, and core, designed to build the necessary foundation for advanced floor elements. In the following section, we’ll focus on concrete floor work elements and integrating them into a fluid sequence to illustrate the interplay between these different movement qualities. The final hour is dedicated to free association, where you’ll explore the concept of tensegrity and connected movement. You’ll be discovering the seamless connectivity between various floor elements and movement qualities.

Donderdag 1 augustus 2024
19:00 – 22:00 (2hrs class + 1 hr guided movement exploration)
With Noelle

Fluidity in Floorwork and tricks. develop strength, mobility, and fluidity, to integrate floorwork, soft acrobatics and play into their movement research. Participants will engage in targeted strength and mobility exercises, establishing a robust physical foundation necessary for floorwork and soft acrobatics. Emphasis will be placed on the principles of flow and fluidity, drawing inspiration from contemporary movement research. Movers will explore transitions to connect various levels and elements in their performance, enhancing their freestyle capabilities. The workshop will culminate in the creation and practice of a dynamic floorwork sequence, allowing participants to apply the techniques and concepts into their movement practice.

Level: requires intermediate. Don’t have to be able to do all the tricks, but it’s important to have already body awareness and dedication towards a regular movement practice.

Donderdag 8 augustus 2024
19:00 – 22:00
With Ivana & Noelle

Creative sequencing: this class will be about connecting the dots, rehearsing tricks and movement concepts and combine our qualities both in 1. Main focus lies in the playfull approach towards floorwork, with some lovely homework to built foundation for the long term and dedicated movers. Ending the workshop with a creative sequence.

This class will be about connecting floor work elements into a creative sequence getting the best out of Ivy’s and Noelle’s worlds.


Donderdag 15, 22 & 29 augustus 2024
19:00 – 22:00

House dance feedback session with Patty. This three hour session will have 3 parts.
1) house dance foundation or concept drill
2) feedback exchange based on part 1
3) practice battle using the free available judging tool And8 based on the Threefold Judging system

These guided sessions offer tangible tools for evaluating something so abstract and subjective as dancing.  In the feedback and battle parts of the session we will use comparison as a tool not to stimulate competitiveness, but rather as source for self-reflection. We will practice both –  giving and receiving feedback.  This space is for anyone who is interested in growth in their dance practice, ready to have their mind challenged and is willing to contribute to the dialogue of how (and if?) dance is something that can/should be evaluated.

All three sessions will be the same structure – but foundation and concept drill content will be different each time. You don’t have to attend all three, you can drop in for one session.

*Minimum of intermediate level (1-2 years)of understanding of house dance is highly recommended.