Maker in Huis: Annelie Koning

Using the voice as an instrument that can make all kinds of sounds, improvisation is the starting point from which she works. As a vocalist and composer words became essential as a tool for making sound and telling a story. But sounds and words are the same, and as important to her.

She wants to make a connection with the dirty and dark side of people and got inspired by the poetry of Charles Bukowski. In 2019 she formed trio BLIK together with Luc Ex on acoustic bass and Tristan Renfrow on drums. They made a concert on poems of Bukwoski’s book ‘Love is a dog from hell’.

She also became part of the collective King Sisters in 2018 with her sisters Marthe and Joske Koning. They make theater concerts. Their last performance was called ‘Rebuilding a Voice’ in which they rebuilt the voice from a clapping rhythm and worked towards a multi-voiced society.

In her new research Annelie is looking into ’the space between’ The space between songs, between singing and speaking, the stage and pit, the performer and the public. The space between in daily life. How to behave in this space? What to do with the awkwardness of being in between, of not knowing. How to deal with discomfort?

Vocalist Annelie Koning studied at ArtEZ conservatoire in Arnhem, Bachelor Jazz & Pop vocals and is currently studying for a Master in Theater in Maastricht.