IS D’ART Collective is an artist group based in Tilburg. The group consists of two professional dancers, Alison Duarte and Daniela Rodrigo, who both studied at Escola Superior de Dança (Lisbon) and Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Tilburg). They come from different styles and backgrounds, contemporary/modern and hip-hop, and have a special interest in exploring the different ways of using and expressing our bodies and combining the different languages to create our own.

This collective was born out of a need to create pure connections between people and real human relationships that tend to be missing in everyday life. They live in a world full of distractions, where everything begs for their attention, where there is a flood of information readily available, and where they tend to feel overwhelmed and trapped by what surrounds us. With apps and social media platforms, technology is evolving in such a way that they become completely addicted to it, spending more time and energy on external factors and simply turning away from who they are.

Through these ideas and curiosity to understand the importance of technology in society, theye decided to create a nostalgic living room environment where they explore the interaction between the two dancers, based on their childhood memories. They want to bringing something into the present that they had long forgotten, their ability to fully use their imagination and creativity by allowing theirselves to see the same things differently over and over again.

For this project they have been inspired by the quality of the movements and performance of Jerry Lewis, Harold Lloyd and James Thiérrée. Their goal is to create an authentic and charismatic performance where spontaneity is always at the forefront. They want to create a setting where they can easily connect with the audience.