Scenario Schrijven

Door Ashar Medina

Zaterdag 7 & 14 maart 11:00 - 17:00

Voor deze workshop betaal je 25 euro voor 2x. (pin only!)

Ashar Medina is a Surinamese-Cape Verdean writer/director born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. After graduating from The Netherlands Film Academy in 2015, Medina co-wrote the short film Gilles (2016), for which he and Wander Theunis won Best Screenplay at the 4th Annual Shortcutz Awards. The following year Medina directed the short film Blok (2017) and wrote TV-film Jungle (2017), which premiered at The Netherlands Film Festival and was nominated for two Golden Calfs, winning for Best Actor in a Television Drama. Next, Medina wrote the screenplay for Tom Adelaar (2018), a semi-autobiographical film which was again nominated for two Golden Calfs – Best Actor in a Television Drama and Best Television Drama. 2018 will also see the premiere of Mocro Maffia, a crime series produced by RTL Productions for which Medina wrote four episodes.