Music Production, Remixing & Sampling

Ross Hudson

Op donderdag 7, 14, 21 & 28 november 2024 + op vrijdag 29 november 2024 presentatie bij NOWHERE PRESENTS:

19:00 – 21:00

€25,- voor 4 workshops

Voor deelnemers van 15 t/m 30 jaar

This workshop will be in English

This workshop will provide an introduction to music production focusing on remixing, bootlegging and sampling techniques. You will learn the basics of Ableton Live, examine the practice of sampling and explore various methods of utilising samples, acapellas and instrumentals. The goal is ultimately composing your very own bootleg, remix or sample-based track.

If you think that Rihanna track needs more energy, or your dad’s favourite song could do with a bit more twerkability, or you just want to learn the basics of Ableton Live, then this workshop is for you!

Ross Hudson is a music producer (and occasional DJ) with a passion for sample-based music and bootlegging. He’s particularly drawing inspiration from world club music and bass-heavy genres such as Garage, Grime, Jungle and others such as Jersey Club, Drill, Bubbling and Baile Funk. Originally from the Midlands in the UK, Ross (aka Cozen)’s sound is fueled by world club culture and an admiration for the sounds of the 90s, paying homage to the era of illegal parties and warehouse raves. Ross’s digital and vinyl releases have earned recognition from renowned platforms including KeepHush, Rinse FM, NTS and DJ Mag.