The Book Club


On Thursday 5th of October 2023: SIGHT

On Thursday 19th of October 2023: TASTE

On Thursday 2nd of November 2023: SOUND

On Thursday 16th of November 2023: SMELL & TOUCH

19:00 – 21:00

€7,50 per session

For participants aged 15 to 27 years

[this workshop will be in English]

The Book Club is a round table for philosophers and curious minds looking to attain knowledge through conversation and debates. The Book Club does this by welcoming people that haven’t read the book to join the conversation. In this series, The Book Club has teamed up with Nowhere to explore conversation in relation to our senses. We will explore different senses while discussing important topics related to the senses.

Come join us on a month long series of special editions at Nowhere!

For the sense of Sight: we will immerse ourselves in a dimmer lit space and as the conversation evolves, we’ll light candles to gain sight as we discuss the importance of sight in its many facets.

For the sense of Taste: we will be joined by a special chef who will walk us through the history of a meal they’ll prepare for us and we will discuss the history and relationship between humans and food.

For the sense of Sound: we will be immersed at a round table accompanied by musicians, who will play music as we progress through the conversation.

For the sense of Smell: we will travel through the conversation while exploring different aromas through essential oils, incense and herbs.

For the sense of Touch: we will be working with ceramics as we have a conversation about art and creativity.

Smell & Touch is a combined experience.