You are Music: Free Expression Jams


Op maandag 2, 9, 16, 23 september 2024 + op vrijdag 27 september 2024 presentatie bij NOWHERE PRESENTS:

19:00 – 21:00

€25,- voor 4 workshops

Voor deelnemers van 15 t/m 30 jaar

You Are Music

We welcome you to be part of a workshop that focuses on unity, wholesomeness, authenticity, sharing knowledge, wisdom, inspiration and holding space for free expression/improvisation in the form of music, movement (dance), poetry and spoken-word.

At each serie of the workshop we’ll invite artists within our community to share their vision/message and will give them the lead to open the session and to hold space for all participants. We’ll build the session from there together. This gives the opportunity to make each session a unique experience.

Taking a moment to be grateful for the infinite possibilities that life has to offer. Tune into your heartbeat and your breath to channel inspiration that’s connected to your very own blueprint. Everyone is a creator. Everyone has a part to fill in, a tone to add to a collective song. Music is a cosmic language. Let’s explore the depths of who we are through music. Let your feeling be your guide. Express yourself. That’s the essence of this workshop.

Illnoledge is a brother duo of Steve Hartley and Mill Voyance. Music and spirituality are closely related – This the philosophy with which the brothers were raised. I.L.L.N.O.L.E.D.G.E. It’s an acronym for: Intuitive, Limitless, Liberal-minded, New-fangled, Original, Luminous, Educative, Dedicated, Genuine, Elevators. They’ve developed their own style called “Akan Fu”. It contains elements of Afrobeat, Latin, Jazz, Soul and Reggae.